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Op Shop Talk: Meet Sara Costello - A Fabulous Friend of The Op Shop


OP Shop Talk:


Sara Costello is a local residential designer, serving the greater Washington area. She's been in the field for 9 years and has worked in several local residential firms prior to starting her own interior design business in May 2022. Most recently, Sara worked for Kelley Proxmire for 5 years where she learned from one of the best in the business and gained invaluable hands-on experience. She's very grateful for her years of experience in the field and for her husband, family, and friends who have encouraged and supported her through her latest business endeavor. Sara's favorite aspect of her work is collaborating with her clients, tapping into their personal style, and successfully bringing it to life through the interiors of their home. It's so rewarding to know that she's played a part in making their house a home that they'll enjoy for years to come. 
With the brand-new display renovation completed, Sara was given the exciting opportunity to work with larger furniture pieces from the shop to display. With this in mind, she selected a beautiful, Neoclassical, claw-foot table and dining armchairs to set the scene. She filled in the round table with various collections of china, crystal, silverware, and table linens.The autumnal color palette and layers add that cozy feeling we all crave as summer turns to fall. The throw rug, blanket, art, and different china collections were selected with this in mind. We hope that this window display gets your creative juices flowing for the fall season and inspires you to host a fun dinner party! We have all the unique pieces you'll need to make for a stylish and memorable night!
Being a regular visitor and shopper of The Opportunity Shop, we couldn't think of a better fit. Sara Costello's signature style and exceptional taste are a perfect combination with The Opportunity Shop!
1) What is your favorite décor consignment purchase?
I don't have one specific favorite consignment purchase, but among them would be framed paintings, vases, small bowls/dishes for accessorizing, and one-of-a-kind accent furniture! I do have a favorite gift from The Op Shop that my husband gave me for my birthday. (The bench in the photo below. ) It's so pretty and one-of-a-kind. I saw it in the shop and fell in love with it. A few days later, it made its way to the shop's front window and I couldn't stop talking about it when my husband and I would walk by. He surprised me with it a week later for my birthday! I'll likely reupholster it to make it my own once we purchase a home, but I also love it as is.
2) What types of items do you look for in a consignment shop?
The items listed above, but part of the fun is stumbling upon something great that you weren't originally looking for and know you won't find elsewhere.
3) What items would you grab immediately if you saw them being consigned?
Antique accent furniture (i.e. small benches, corner chairs, drum name a few!) at a great price point. Pieces like these go a long way in adding character to any space.
4) What should someone look for when interested in buying consigned home décor?
Look for pieces that will add character to a space, whether it's furniture or accessories, as mentioned above. 
I would steer away from purchasing items you know you already have plenty of that may not get enough use as it is. Go for the items you know for certain would have a place in your home. 
5) How did you discover the Op Shop?
My former boss and designer extraordinaire, Kelley Proxmire, introduced me to the Op Shop when I started working with her in 2017. I've since frequented the store for personal use, gifts, clients, and just for fun to see what's new! 
6) How did you first become interested in consignment shopping?
My mom has always loved consignment and antique stores and brought me along on her shopping outings since a young age. I'd say I'm a veteran consignment shopper thanks to her!
7) What is your favorite fashion consignment purchase?
To be honest, I'm too fixated on the home decor and furniture that I don't typically spend much time looking at the fashion items. I do love seeing vintage tweed blazers and Louis Vuitton luggage as I scour through the treasures in the Op Shop - I may have to invest in some soon!
8) How would you describe your fashion style? 
Colorful, classic, and comfortable for everyday
9) How would you describe your home décor style? 
Pretty without being too feminine, warm, and functional 
10) What are your consignment shopping instore tips? 
Make your rounds through the whole shop before deciding on anything for sure. Sometimes you find a similar item to something you initially picked up, but you like it more.  And, if there's one or more pieces you still love after you've taken a good inventory, go for it. It always helps me to see it all before I narrow down the pieces I have to have!
11) What are your consignment shopping online tips?
Pay attention to the item description - make sure the dimensions of the item will work for your space and be mindful of what condition the piece is in. 
12) What fashion trends do you consider timeless?
Scarves with fun colors and patterns and statement earrings
13) What décor trends do you consider timeless?
Having a collection of vintage accessories (art, dishes, lamps, etc.) and accent furniture is timeless in my opinion.  Like many designers, I'm a fan of mixing old and new. If you have a solid collection of the "old", these pieces will stand the test of time. You can continue to refresh with what's current, but the vintage items will always add character to your space no matter the latest design trend.
14) What are your favorite local DC spots?
I have so many but my shortlist would be the grounds of Dumbarton Oaks, the C&O towpath, the Washington Design Center, Le Diplomate, Chez Billy Sud, the Glover Park Trader Joes, Wagshals Delicatessen, Martin's Tavern, and the Op Shop of course!!!! 
15) How would you spend your ideal DC day?
On a nice long walk-through different parts of the city with no set destination. Some of my favorite memories from living here are having an open-ended day with a friend, walking through different neighborhoods, admiring the different homes, shopping, and grabbing a drink and an app. at fun spots along the way.
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