Op Shop Talk: Meet Anne Stublen- a Fabulous Friend of the Op Shop!

Op Shop Talk: Meet Anne Stublen- a Fabulous Friend of the Op Shop!

OP Shop Talk: Anne Stublen

Anne Stublen is the creator of Church Hill Home, an online shop that specializes in antique and vintage items made in England. She desires to connect a new generation of collectors with beautiful collections from the past. She is based in Richmond, Virginia, and is happy to make the trip to the Opportunity Shop as often as possible. You can follow her on Instagram @churchhillhome.

How did you first become interested in decorating and shopping consignment?

My husband and I are restoring a 120-year-old home which we purchased four years ago.  When we moved in, I made a commitment to buy nothing new for this home. Consignment shopping became integral to my strategy to furnishing my home with pieces that need a second life!

How did you discover The Op Shop?

I found the Op Shop’s profile on Instagram, and it was love at first sight!

What is your favorite fashion consignment purchase?

My love of England extends to clothing, and Boden is my favorite clothing brand. Any time I can find a clothing item from Boden, especially if it is pink, I am one happy shopper!

What is your favorite décor consignment purchase?

As a Virginia girl, I have always loved Henkel Harris furniture which has been bench made in Winchester, VA, since 1946.  My husband and I have been collecting pieces for many years, so imagine my delight when I found a stunning Hancock Secretary in a local consignment shop this past year! 

Types of items you look for in consignment shops.

I am a serious Anglophile, so I am always on the hunt for almost anything made in England - China and silver are top on my list!

How would you describe your fashion style?

Bright traditional with a bit of flair!  I wear pink in some way most every day so that figures prominently as well. I love a great pair of jeans with a crisp white shirt, some fun loafers, and a bright topper.

How would you describe your home décor style?

English Country Estate with bright colors. I love the work of Edward Bulmer and pour over his new book, The Colourful Past: Edward Bulmer and the English Country House, on a regular basis.

What are your consignment shopping in-store tips?

Shop early and often! You must visit consignment shops regularly – once a week at least – to have great success. I always make three trips through the store so that I can focus on different levels – low (rugs. etc.), medium (furniture, décor) and high (art and draperies). I have made it a fun hobby to visit my favorite shops and to donate to them as well.

What are your consignment shopping online tips?

Online consignment shopping hinges on good search words unless you want to look at every available item! Be specific with brand names, colors, style, etc. Checking often is also key which is pretty easy to do from home.
What items would you grab immediately if you saw them being consigned?

Antique silver plate gallery trays made in England, English Toast Racks, and Muffineers. I also have an addiction to needlepoint and Wedgwood China.

What should someone look for when interested in buying a consigned home décor piece?

First and foremost, buy what you love and worry about where you will put it later!  Do not be afraid of pieces with wear or age – that is what gives them character.  Silver can be polished, furniture can be reupholstered, and China can be cleaned!

What décor trend do you consider timeless?

Well-made antique case goods, high-quality blue and white pieces, oriental rugs, silver, and oil paintings.

What are your favorite local DC spots?

Levain Cookies! 

How would you spend your ideal DC day? 

I would combine three of my favorite things – Smithsonian Museums in the morning, a great lunch, and then shopping in Georgetown. And of course, a Levain cookie to end the day!



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