Op Shop Talk: Meet Imani Keal - a Fabulous Friend of the Op Shop!

Op Shop Talk: Meet Imani Keal - a Fabulous Friend of the Op Shop!

OP Shop Talk: Imani Keal

Imani Keal, creator of Imani At Home, is a DC-based home & lifestyle content creator. She believes all people, regardless if they rent or own should invest in their happiness by improving the spaces in which they live. Through her Instagram and blog, Imani shares renter-friendly DIYs and tips for fabulous millennials. Her studio apartment has been featured on Apartment Therapy, The Washington Post, Domino.com, and Never Too Small. You can follow her on Instagram and TikTok @Imaniathome. Being a regular visitor and shopper of The Opportunity Shop, we couldn't think of a better fit. Imani is the queen of making any place feel like home!

How did you first become interested in decorating and shopping consignment?

I've always been interested in home decor/design. As a kid, my family would go visit model homes just to see what new features were available, and I was an avid HGTV watcher. I started Imani At Home, during the pandemic as a way to deal with stress and make my studio apartment a beautiful place to live.

How did you discover The Op Shop?

I found The Op Shop walking through Georgetown. I wasn't sure what it was, but I stopped in one day and thought it was a beautiful place filled with beautiful things. 

What is your favorite fashion consignment purchase?

I bought a pair of multi-colored Dr. Martens like 10 years ago. They are my favorite shoe & I still have them. 

What is your favorite décor consignment purchase?

I bought a vintage rug at The Op Shop a few months ago, and I really love it. It's got a great pattern, and really nice coloring and it works perfectly in my dining room. 

Types of items you look for in consignment shops?

Glassware, rugs & unique decor pieces are always on my mind when vintage shopping. 

How would you describe your fashion style?

Oh. I have no idea. I wear a lot of denim, white shirts, and floral dresses. 

How would you describe your home décor style?

Cozy Vintage Minimalist 

What are your consignment shopping in-store tips?  

1. Set your budget before you go and don't go over it.

2. Make a list 

3. Take your time! Consignment shops are filled to the brim with interesting goodies, so you'll need at least an hour to go through everything.  

What are your consignment shopping online tips?

1. Read the descriptions!

2. Measure 3x times & once more.

What items would you grab immediately if you saw them being consigned?

Gold frames. 

Glassware, especially crystal. 

What should someone look for when interested in buying a consigned home décor piece?

Look for imperfections & damages. Knicks & scratches are super easy to fix and you can save a lot of money buying for a consignment shop. 

Also, check for fabrics. Linen & cashmere will always be in style. 

What should people be consigning from their closets right now

Anything you're not wearing, but is in good condition. 

What should people be consigning from their homes right now?

If anyone wants to rid of a china pattern in a whimsical pattern,

I'll happily take it off your hands. Also, consign anything you're hiding in your garage that could have pride of place in someone else's home. 

What fashion trends do you consider timeless?

Crisp white shirts. They look good dressed up or down & look good on everyone. 

What décor trend do you consider timeless?

Wallpaper. The wilder the pattern the better. I love wallpaper with everything in my spirit. 

What are your favorite local DC spots?

The Op Shop, Tail Up Goat, the Georgetown Flea Market, and Martha Dear. 

How would you spend your ideal DC day? 

Oh. Ideally, I would walk to Call Your Mother for a bagel and take my dog for a long walk. Later in the afternoon, I would get dressed in something cute, and head out for drinks with friends at Reveler's Hours or Service Bar and I'd spend the night drinking multiple Gin & Tonics, dancing & having a wonderful life. 



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