Consign with the Op Shop

Consigning with the Op Shop is easy!

  1. Read the FAQ below to learn about the details of consigning with us.
  2. Send photos of your items to
  3. We will review the photos and inform you of which items we feel that we are able to consign.
  4. Receive an appointment and drop off your accepted items.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What kinds of items does the Opportunity Shop accept?
The Opportunity Shop accepts jewelry, designer purses and accessories (scarves, sunglasses
etc.), art and sculpture, clocks and watches, china, silver, lamps, crystal, some linens, furniture,
carpets, decorative items, and glassware. The Shop does not accept clothing, appliances, toys or
books. Seasonal merchandise (i.e. Christmas items) will be accepted no more than three months
before the season in which the holiday occurs. All items must be floor ready and in desirable condition and quality for resale.

The Shop will only consider items initially valued at $50 and above for consignment.

When can I bring my items?
The Shop accepts consignments by appointment only. Once items have been accepted, you will receive an appointment to bring them to us. All items must be clearly labeled with your name and phone number. If you have any research or provenance for them, please include with your merchandise.

Where can I see my consigned items?
We will process your consignment as swiftly as we can and shortly after your appointment we
send you an email with a link to your consigner portal: there you can see the current status of
your consigned items.

How long does the Shop keep items?
All property will be consigned for a period of 180 days. 181 days from the start of the
consignment period, items becomes a donation to the Shop if you have not picked them up. No
notification of the end date of the consignment period will be sent to consignors (consignors
should refer to their consigner portal for the end date of the consignment period). We recommend
that unsold items be picked up shortly before the end of the 180 day period if the consignor
wishes to keep them.

How much do I make when an item sells?
The Christ Child Society Opportunity Shop can market and sell a variety of items for you. When
the items sell, you receive a check for 50% for property with a final sales price less than $500
and 60% for property with a final sales price equal to or greater than $500.
During the consignment period, the sales price of the property shall be reduced as follows: 60
days from the start of the consignment period, the sales price will be reduced by 10%. 120 days from the start of the consignment period, the sales price will be discounted by 25% of the
original price.

When do I get paid?
Generally, consignment payments will be made within 45 business days of the sale of the
property. However, the Shop will not issue payment unless the consignor’s account has a balance
of $50 or more. Unpaid amounts remain in the consignor’s account until the $50 threshold is

How do I donate items?
Since the Shop is a charity shop, we encourage and accept donations in keeping with our
inventory guidelines. You can drop off donations at any time our doors are open, without an
appointment. Tax receipts are available for donated items. 

What does the Shop do with the money it makes?
Proceeds from the Opportunity Shop help to support the programs of the Washington, DC
chapter of the Christ Child Society which serve children in need.