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Op Shop Talk: Meet Sara Costello - A Fabulous Friend of The Op Shop

Posted by Christ Child Opportunity Shop on

Sara Costello is a local residential designer, serving the greater Washington area. She's been in the field for 9 years and has worked in several local residential firms prior to starting her own interior design business in May 2022. Most recently, Sara worked for Kelley Proxmire for 5 years where she learned from one of the best in the business and gained invaluable hands-on experience. She's very grateful for her years of experience in the field and for her husband, family, and friends who have encouraged and supported her through her latest business endeavor. Sara's favorite aspect of her work is collaborating with her clients, tapping into their personal style, and successfully bringing it to life through the interiors of their home. It's so rewarding to know that she's played a part in making their house a home that they'll enjoy for years to come.  With the brand-new display renovation completed, Sara was given the exciting opportunity to work with larger furniture pieces from the shop to display. With this in mind, she selected a beautiful, Neoclassical, claw-foot table and dining armchairs to set the scene. She filled in the round table with various collections of china, crystal, silverware, and table linens. The autumnal color palette and layers add that cozy feeling we all crave as summer turns to fall. The throw rug, blanket, art, and different china collections were selected with this in mind. We hope that this window display gets your creative juices flowing for the fall season and inspires you to host a fun dinner party! We have all the unique pieces you'll need to make for a stylish and memorable night! Being a regular visitor and shopper of The Opportunity Shop, we couldn't think of a better fit. Sara Costello's signature style and exceptional taste are a perfect combination with The Opportunity Shop!

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